Leopard Gecko Care – All You Need to Know

This is our complete Leopard Gecko Care guide. It gives you everything you need to know to care for your Leopard Gecko properly. This care guide will give you the basic but also complete information so you can raise healthy and happy Leopard Gecko.

Choosing A Leopard Gecko

So you’ve decided that Leopard Gecko is the best pet for you, now it’s time to chose one. Choosing the right Leopard Gecko is very important and not an easy task, take your time and choose carefully. Here are some tips to help you choosing the perfect Leopard Gecko for you.

Where to get a Leopard Gecko

  1. Herpetological Society Meeting

Herpetological Society Meeting is a very good place to find a Leopard Gecko, plus you will meet and of course can join a community with friendly members who can support you and you pet. In this meeting you will find many leopard gecko breeders who bring their geckos for sale.

  1. Local Pet Shop

The easiest place to start find Leopard Gecko for pet is your nearest local pet shop. Sometimes if they don’t have any stock, they can order one for us. The drawback of buying from local pet shop is, unless we know and trust the seller, we don’t know where they get their stock from.

  1. Reptile Expos

If you want the largest option to choose, you can visit Reptile Expos or Herp show. You will find all kind of colors, types of Leopard Gecko and other reptiles with competitive price. If you need information about Reptile Expos, you can check the listings in Reptile Magazine or simply use google to find one.

The Ideal Age

When you choose a Leopard Gecko, make sure you know his age. Do not select a very young just hatched Leopard Geckos. A Leopard Gecko must be at least 6 weeks old when sold. The best choice is junville Leopard Gecko (2 months-12 months) because they are already adapted to life, and they eat a lot and their body size is also already ideal.

Re-grown Tails.

Regrown TailSeller may be offer you a Leopard Gecko with missing or re-grown tail with cheaper price. Leopard Gecko like other geckos and lizards, can lose their tails easily. The loses can be from bad handling, injuries or fighting with other geckos. Actually, choosing Geckos with missing or reg-grown tail is not a problem, because it’s not really affect its health. So if you look for bargain, you still can chose this kind of geckos.




Asses its Health

Look carefully before choosing an Leopard Gecko to buy. Look at its eyes, they have to be bright and alert. If its eyes are sunken, it indicates that the Leopard Geckos is not in healthy condition. If you find one unhealthy Leopard Gecko, avoid other geckos from the same cage because usually the other geckos are unhealthy too. Look closely at its tail. The tail has to be round and fat. Avoid leopard gecko with flat tail or noticeable tail bone, it indicates that the Leopard Gecko is underfed or sick.


Here are signs of Healthy Leopard Gecko

  • The eyes and Nostrils are clear and free of discharges.
  • Mouth is clean and closed.
  • The body is well developed with good weight, no noticeable hipbones.
  • Toes and claws are free of infection.
  • The skin is is wounds-free and no discoloration.
  • It is very alert with active behavior.

Leopard Gecko Care – Creating Your Leopard Gecko’s Habitat

Leopard Gecko is one of some easiest lizards to take care of. They are ground nocturnal animal, To make them active, healthy and happy, you need to create a habitat that mimic their natural habitat. The good habitat also will influence the condition of leopard and its development. See how to make its habitat below.

Tank for Leopard gecko

The very first matter to be talked about the habitat for gecko is its Tank. The Tank will cover the gecko and it becomes the comfortable housing for it. There are many ideas of the Tank for gecko in the market. However, you need to be selective in choosing the Tank. Here, one of the best Tank for your gecko is the long and shallow glass Tank. The long and the shallow Tank will give more space for gecko to move, so it could feel its freedom.

Good Leopard Gecko Tank

In other hand, the long and shallow Tank is also good to provide more oxygen, so the condition of the gecko could be well every time. The minimum size of the Tank for a lizard is around 10 gallon. When you take a pair of gecko there, so you need to apply 15 gallons of Tank and around 20 gallons of Tank for 3 lizards. Don’t use too small Tank because it could make the gecko stress and I am sure it influence its health.

Although there are some variations of the Tank to make good leopard gecko habitat, here you are not allowed to choose the wire Tank. Some people maybe want to choose it in order to have a unique Tank for gecko. However, the wire Tank is too dangerous and maybe it could kill your gecko. Gecko has more sensitive skin than other lizard. Please we aware to choose the glass Tank special for gecko.

Still talk about the Tank for gecko, don’t forget to choose the Tank that has good light to support the light for the gecko. Then, choose the non-abrasive glass, which could cause an irritation in the skin of gecko because of its sensitive skin. Be aware too with the toxic reaction of the Tank. Please make sure that you add some ventillations in Tank’s appearance. It is great for the gecko because the ventilation is good to change the air inside the Tank and make it always be fresh for gecko.

Landscaping, plants, and furniture

To make the leopard gecko Tank, of course you also need to think about landscape, furniture, and plants inside the Tank. Those three things are kinds of the important matter, which you need to add in the way to create a natural Tank for you gecko. I am sure that the natural Tank is good to keep the well condition of it. Things like logs and rocks will give the natural space and it is able to increase the natural behavior of your gecko.

Try to make a hiding area inside the Tank. The hiding are is good as the place for gecko to sleep. The live or the artificial plants could be used to provide the hiding area. Moreover, the use of the live and the artificial plants are also good to increase the natural sense inside the Tank. However, be aware that gecko has a sensitive skin. In this case, never add the harm plants and the sharp rock, which could hurt the skin of the leopard gecko.


Temperature is the next important think to be thought in building the leopard gecko tank. You need to know that gecko leopard is kind of the ectothermic lizard. It means that gecko cannot product their own heat of body. The need the supplement to create and to keep their normal body temperature. It is your task to keep the temperature of Tank stable. The stable temperature of the Tank is around 80 degree F during the day and around 70 degree F in the nighttime.

Gecko is also unique. Besides it is ectothermic, it also will do thermoregulation. It means that they will move to the hotter and cooler place as the need of their body temperature. This movement is important to keep the temperature of gecko’s body stable. In this case, using thermometer is one of the good option to know the detail temperature inside the gecko. Too hot or too cold temperature inside leopard gecko Tank is dangerous for the health of gecko.


To build the leopard gecko habitat, please also think about the light of the Tank. Light is also important for the Tank. Here, you could divide the lighting time into two. The Tank needs about 14 hours with light and 10 hours with the darkness. This division is used in the summer. Then, in the winter, it should be divided into 12 hours with light and 12 hours without light. In choosing the light for the Tank, choose the black heat lamps and red lamps.

Cleaning and water

Another important matter to be considered when you want to build leopard gecko habitat is cleaning side and the water. Tank of gecko should be set clean every day. You need to remove the waste, dust, dead feeder insect, and others. The clean Tank is good to provide the natural habitat for gecko. Then, about the water, please give the fresh water for gecko. Gecko needs it for body metabolism. If it is needed, add vitamin in the water.

Some kinds of the consideration as above are quite important to be add in making the Tank for gecko. Please apply kinds of those ideas in your leopard gecko Tank and make the lizard always well every day. It is important for you to do consultation when you still confused about the building way.

Leopard Gecko Care – Diet, Food Choices and What They Eat


cricket for leopard geckoThe one of the good food for the leopard gecko is the cricket. Yes, cricket is one of the special food because it consists of high nutrition. Leopard gecko needs the good nutrition, so it could keep its well condition. In other hand. Cricket is also nice for the diet of the leopard gecko. Gecko needs diet because the diet will keep their body metabolism stable. Diet is also good for the gecko because it will make the gecko has longer lifespan.

However, before giving the cricket as the one of the best leopard gecko food, you need to do gut load first for the cricket. It means that you need to make sure that the cricket you will feed to the gecko is good and save for the condition of the leopard gecko. Actually, you are easy to find the cricket in the market and mix it with some water. However, in other side you also could make your own cricket by mix the potato with some oats.


mealworm for leopard gecko
mealworm for leopard gecko

Another good food for the gecko, which you may give for your lovely pet, is the mealworm. Yes, the mealworm is one of the good food for the leopard gecko and I am sure it will be the special source of the nutrition. The nutrition inside the mealworm is good to support the development of the gecko. I am sure that your gecko will be healthier after consuming the mealworm in the regular time.

Here, mealworm is also one of the leopard gecko food, which is easy to be fed to your leopard gecko. Here you only need to place mealworm in the food bowl. When the gecko is hungry, it will look for the bowl and enjoy the beverages. Gecko could enjoy the mealworm and make it as the favorite food. However, you need to control the portion of it, especially for the dieting program. Mealworm is good for gecko that lay an egg.


It is good when you think to add some supplements, especially when you want to do diet for your leopard gecko. Then, what do leopard geckos eat in the dieting program? The two good foods as above could be the best choices. Then, after it, don’t forget to add some supplements there. The kind of supplement will keep the well condition of the gecko and it will increase the power of it. By the supplement, I am sure that the gecko will be free for some bad condition and sickness.

There are many ideas of the supplements, which you may give to your gecko. Calcium is one of the best supplement there. The whole function of the calcium is to keep the power of the gecko, especially when you have a baby gecko. Then, vitamin is also one of leopard gecko best food. Here, it will be best when you add the vitamin in gecko’s good food in every 7 to 10 days. At least do it once for best leopard gecko diet.


Water is one of the most important thing in the consumption scheme of leopard gecko. The water has an important role to keep the well condition of gecko. Gecko needs good body metabolism and the water will support it. When you add the leopard gecko good food, please don’t forget to add the water too in a special bowl. Then, please make sure that you add the fresh water. You could change the water daily to keep its freshness. Do the whole idea of leopard gecko food as above regularly to keep the well condition of it.

General Leopard Gecko Handling and Temperament

Maybe the most charming thing of having a Gecko is their behavior when we are handling them. Gecko is very trusting lizard (unlike many other lizard species). Gecko loves to sit in your hand, and then they slowly start exploring, climbing up your arm to your shoulder. It’s very important to stay still so your gecko doesn’t fall. When gecko walking up your arm, it will feel a bit tickling so It’s recommended to wear a long-sleeve shirt so you can stay still. Please remember that gecko is quite different from dogs, cats or other mammal pets. Actually it’s easy to tell if your gecko wants to be picked up or want to be left alone. If he wants to be left alone, your gecko will squirm out of your grasp and avoid you. Limit the length of your contact with him, even the relatively calm Leopard Gecko will be being tired of being handled.


When handled properly, a Leopard Gecko will not bite you, so you need to handle him gently and carefully. Never pick up your gecko by its tail or behind the neck, it will scare him and causing him to bite. Even if he bites, it’s very rare that the bite could break human’s skin.


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